Common Causes of Hip Pain

Imbalanced Muscles

Most people's hip muscles are imbalanced. Because we sit a lot, the gluteus muscles (butt muscles) are very weak while the muscles in the front of your hip are very tight. Again, if your muscles are not properly aligned, something will break down. Most people think that they are alright if they can walk fine. Over time the wear and tear can cause early arthritis in the hip, and that’s why there are so many hip replacement procedures occurring among seniors. Exercises for balancing hip muscles are not common knowledge. You cannot see a physical trainer at your local gym to balance your hip muscles. The exercises are unconventional, so most people do not know to do them.

Lower Back

More often than not, pain in your hips can easily be misdiagnosed. The pain may actually be coming from your lower back as radiating pain. Since the nerves that control the legs start from the lower back, compromised nerves can cause pain in the hip. Just like if you were having heart problems, you’ll feel the pain in your arms.