Sports Injuries

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are built to move. Some of us move faster and more aggressively than others, certainly. No matter what speed or activity you choose, chances are that at some point you’ll experience discomfort, pain, or even injury. It’s part of life. Thus, our ability to respond from physical adversity — and the emotional and psychological challenges that might stem from it — will determine how quickly we return to that activity, how much we enjoy it, and how much we’ll reap the associated health benefits. Whether you be a high school, college, or professional athlete, a recreational athlete, or someone who just likes to move their bodies occasionally, we can help. Cristina Popescu, our lead physical therapist, is a former national champion track athlete (Romania), and has worked with many athletes over the course of her career — both men and women, boys and girl, in an array of sports: soccer, basketball, football, track, CrossFit, surfing, among others. So if your knee, ankle, shoulder, back, neck, or other area are bothering you, come to us so we can help co-create a treatment program that’ll help return you to where you were, and, potentially, even beyond. To health and happiness!